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Imagine this… an aircraft with a transparent cabin showing panoramic views of the sky, all the while sitting in a chair that adjusts to your body while treating you with mood lighting, aromatherapy and acupressure.

Airbus unveiled its Concept Cabin Tuesday in Paris, ahead of next week’s “Le Bourget Paris Air Show. “Our research shows that passengers of 2050 will expect a seamless travel experience while also caring for the environment,” said Charles Champion, Airbus Executive Vice President of Engineering.

Not only will this jet be a comfort to be in, it will be environmentally clean and 100% recyclable. Using “self-cleaning materials to reduce waste and maintenance, and using passenger body heat to power cabin features.

If you can wait long enough for Airbus to bring this wonderful aircraft to reality in 2050, you are in for a real treat. It will be fascinating to see what private jet manufacturers come up with to compete!


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