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New aviation laws passed by Congress say that air carriers have the right to remove passengers who become overly intoxicated or out of control, causing a threat to the flight, explained to MainStreet by Gerald C. Stern, a California attorney who specializes in aviation law.

Flight attendants can decide to dismiss a passenger if they become out of hand or disrespectful. Stern says, “Only the perception of the flight attendant matters. Whatever the problem, all the attendant needs to say is Passenger X may ‘interfere’ with their duties or otherwise pose a problem to the orderly progress of the flight.”

Seems now more than ever travelers feel that they are paying too much to be uncomfortable and get poor customer service, so they are expressing their frustrations. As for the new laws, there is no option but to deal with it or get kicked off the flight by a flight attendant that just wants to or is having a bad day!

So what things are deemed inappropriate?
1. Never Curse. Saying such things as F-bomb, damn-it, or any word pertaining to feces are considered inappropriate and disrespectful.
2. Bomb. We all know better than to utter this word in flight let alone at the airport!
3. Terrorist. If you have a joke, don’t use it on the plane. It is not a laughing matter when you get kicked off the flight for saying this one!
4. Becoming intoxicated. Telling the flight attendant I’ll have another one of these after your 4th drink, can have you wind up in restraints and later arrested if you get out of hand.
5. Hey, Stewardess. This is not politically correct and will be taken impolitely. If you don’t want your coffee or tea spilt in your lap, use excuse me, and thank you.

All of this said, flying on a private jet, you most likely will never have the need to get upset, since your flight staff is there to make you and your passengers happy and comfortable! Just another great reason to get on a jet charter!


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