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Trans World Jets Services

TWJ offers many contracting and consulting services within the charter industry. From aviation software development to emergency disaster evacuations, TWJ is experienced in providing solutions.

Call today to learn more about the following services:

Antimicrobial Protection (AMP) for Aircraft

TWJ is the exclusive distributor of BioPledge® ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION (AMP)™Spray Solution for use in the general aviation industry. The solution we provide is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-allergenic, odorless and colorless. BioPledge® goes on dry and stays on surfaces for periods

Aircraft Charter

Offering domestic & international private charter flights and helicopters,

Aircraft Sales

At TWJ, our Aircraft Sales and Acquisition team can help you determine your needs and execute the deal. Whether a company has it’s own flight department, or if the aircraft would need to be managed, our sales staff will make

Air Charter Membership

Enjoy the full benefits of the most competitively priced “Charter Membership” program.

Air Ambulance Charter

Trans World Jets provides Air Ambulance Charters that deliver safety, flexibility and reliable white-glove, boutique services.

Emergency Evacuation Services

Emergency situations can happen at anytime and anywhere. At Trans World Jets, we offer Emergency Evacuation Services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

International Air Charter

At TWJ, our worldwide contacts and our expansive overseas alliances and partnerships allow us to provide more air charter flights and solutions to our discerning clientele.

Governments and Foreign Diplomats

Trans World Jet’s vast experience in handling jet charters for government agencies, foreign diplomats, royalty and United Nations delegates has earned us a reputation for getting tough jobs done.


At TWJ, we offer our clients boutique level concierge services. We understand the need to have a seamless private travel experience.

Cargo Transport

Trans World Jets can provide options for cargo flights. Whether the requirement is to move medical equipment, toys or airplane parts for AOG situations, Trans World Jets can get the job done with our knowledge and a vast network of

Disaster Relief

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