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1. Continue to whine about things that cannot be changed and get a really moody flight attendant. For instance, “my seat is too small”, “my coffee is too hot”, “the flight is delayed”, “this airplane is ugly”. What do you expect, if you want a bigger seat, get first class, and if the flight is delayed, there is nothing that can change the weather, nor your fellow passenger for being late to the gate. Stop COMPLAINING!

2. Stop pressing the call button! One flight attendant is responsible for 50 passengers, which means you should not ever press that button unless it’s an emergency. If you need something, get up and go to your nearest flight attendant and ask politely.

3. This is not a restaurant. Flight attendants serve whatever they received, and that is all that there is. There is not kitchen or chef making special requests.

4. Stop asking ridiculous questions.  Use common sense and remember that there are other passengers that need to be served as well. Yes, that clear liquid is also known as water.

5. Disrespectful laughing and whispering. It is rude to talk behind someone’s back, or laugh in their face. Be respectful or you will “accidentally” get stuck in the bathroom.

6. Using your phone during takeoff or landing. This is such a common and dangerous thing that passengers do. Communication with the Control tower can be difficult and by using your cellphone can cause interference. Pilots are trying to make sure they take off and not crash into another plane landing at the same time. TURN IT OFF!

7. Irresponsible parents. Flight attendants are by no means supposed to take care of your children. It is not in the job description nor does every flight attendant even like children. Your children are your responsibility not a flight attendant’s.

8. Bringing too much luggage on board and expecting a flight attendant to pick it up and make it fit is discourteous. Why would you carry your baggage all the way from home to the airport and then complain it’s too heavy to put up in the bin and then expect your flight attendant to do it? They do not get compensated for any injury that might come from doing that. Check it or pack lighter!

9. Ignoring the seatbelt sign can be very dangerous and put us at fault if anything were to happen. When the warning comes on, there is a reason for it. Sit down and buckle up!


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