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How is it that your luggage does not follow you to your destination? No matter if you are on vacation or on a business trip, when it happens to you, it is frustrating. There are some good reasons why this happens, and also some ways to prevent your luggage from being lost forever.

How it happens:
First reason – The tags are illegible or ripped off, and you never filled out the ID tags on your bag. In this instance, you fill out a report and give the best description of your bag possible, and hope they can track it down soon, if at all.

Second reason – You forget to pick up your bags upon landing. You are in such a rush to get a taxi that you forget to stop and pick up your luggage at the carousel. Now you must call the airport and claim your bag.

Third reason – At check-in, the attendant types the wrong airport on your baggage tags. Instead of it going to your destination DAB (Daytona, FL), it will be going to DAY (Dayton, OH). When you get to your destination and find your bag not there, you will have to file a lost-baggage report. The agent will enter it into the system and this will allow other agents to be on the lookout for your bag, while it sits at an airline waiting to be identified.

Fourth reason – Your bag is mistakenly placed on the wrong plane. An employee can accidentally place a bag on the wrong plane. As long as it is properly tagged, it will be re-routed to the correct destination, or if at the end of your trip, to your home.

Some ways to prevent this from happening are the following:
1. Double-check that the agent has the correct destination info entered on your baggage tags, especially if you are on a connecting flight.
2. Fill out ID tags with your name, current address and mobile number. You should use a couple and place in different pockets, just in case.
3. Pack a copy of your itinerary in a place not too hard to find.
4. In case your luggage is lost then found, take a photo of all of your belongings before you place them in your luggage for a back up to claim your things.
5. Before checking bags, remove extra straps incase they get caught on the way.
6. Arrive early. It is likely baggage will not make it on the plane if you check your bag late.
7. Don’t use curbside check-in. Using the normal airline check-in will decrease chances of mix-up.
8. Having luggage that stands out will help in finding a lost bag. Put a bright color on it if anything.
9. Fly private and charter a jet and this will not be a worry!

If you loose you bag for good, US airlines are liable for up to $3,300 for domestic flights. Of course, this is not something you want to happen, so try to prevent it by using these simple tips!


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