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If you find yourself in downtown Chicago, we would like to send you to some of TWJ’s favorite spots to eat. Our list was tested by us and definitely worthy of our jet charter passengers!

1. Our most unforgettable restaurant experience was at TRU, where Executive Chef Anthony Martin uses French Cuisine to romance you through an array of ingredients that are from all over the world. Not only does each dish get more delicious than the next, but also the presentations are engaging works of art!

Tasting collections consist of six to nine courses, with dishes from caviar to scallops with hon-shimeji, cilantro, and lime, to wagyu beef that just falls apart with the slightest touch of the fork. The service was impeccable and they were extremely polite. This high-end restaurant was more than worth the visit. Absolutely amazing!

2. If you are up for a great Hot Dog or two or three, then Hot Doug’s is the right place! It is a 15-minute cab right outside downtown and there is usually a long line, so give ample time, about 30-45 minutes or more. Trust us, it is worth the wait!

Hot Dogs range from the Chicago-Style Dog with all the trimmings to more specialty dogs such as the “Brigitte Bardot”, which consists of Andouille Sausage with hot peppers and spice and the Foie Gras Dog, which has Sauternes Duck Sausage with Truffle Aioli, Foie Gras Mousse and Fleur de Sel. Delicious!

The daily specials are amazing, and include Game of the Week such as Bacon and Sharp Cheddar Elk Sausage with Daisy Cutter Beer Mustard and Garlic-Cheddar Cheese Spread. Hope you enjoy!

3. Gibson’s Steakhouse is the spot for a great steak or lobster dinner and a fun atmosphere to enjoy with friends, family, or colleagues. Have a drink at the bar or sit at a table to enjoy the dining experience of Chicago’s classic steakhouse. You just can’t ever go wrong with Gibson’s!

4. For breakfast or brunch a great spot is Tempo Cafe, where you can enjoy the fun atmosphere with a coffee and a Poor Man’s Skillet, full of hash browns, ham, green pepper, onion, first topped with melted american, mozzarella, cheddar and swiss then topped with your style of three eggs. What a meal and it will get you started for the day!

5. The Drake Hotel has a restaurant inside called Coq D’or, which is an all day dining and bar restaurant with all the charm of a Chicago themed piano bar. This spot is famous for serving the second legal alcoholic beverage at the end of prohibition. Enjoy a martini with a few dozen oysters for an appetizer, the soups will warm you up from the inside out, and the entrée choices can make anyone happy, with salads, steak, fish and chips, and of course a seasonal pot pie to name just a few. If you want to enjoy a nice Chicago vibe with great food and drinks, this is a great spot!

6. GT Fish and Oyster Bar was so much fun with a laid-back setting and serious style! With a wide array of choices in Oysters and Caviar, you will truly enjoy the experience of tasting the differences in each of them! The Oyster Shooter was a party in your mouth type of dish, or glass we should say. The Seafood platter was full of special samples of ceviche’s and sashimi’s and even a barbequed eel terrine. You definitely cannot pass up on the lobster mac and cheese or oyster sliders! Bon Appetit!


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